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Hairline crack in grout between counter & backsplash - problem or not?

7 years ago

We are about 90% finished with our kitchen renovation. The window guys came back yesterday to fix the new window that they had installed over the sink as it wasn't completely level. One of the guys was standing on my new quartz countertop to be able to access the window. I was cringing (he was a big guy and the countertop is new!) but thought, hey, if they crack the countertop they have to pay to replace it. Well, the countertop is fine but there's a hairline crack in the grout between it and the backsplash. It's only in the area where the guy was standing on the counter. It's not really that noticeable, but I'm worried because it seems like it could get larger over time and it's close to the sink so water may get in. But, I'm also obsessing over every small imperfection in my new kitchen (I've learned there are always small imperfections, unfortunately).

Is this something that should be fixed? And if so, is it an easy fix that I could probably just get my GC to do for me, or is it more complicated where I will need to get the window company involved? I can't add a picture (see Jillius' post below) but it's a hairline crack. :) Thank you for any feedback!

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