When will a power company not cut a tree that is close to powerlines?

6 years ago

Around my area there are trees that have been cut when they are close to power lines and then other times when they just let the tree grow. I seems that if the tree is conical (magnolia, maple, red cedar) then they will just let it grow, but for really large tree like oaks they will cut into ugly shapes. there were some kind of oaks (i think live oak) that were growing next to power lines (that were purposely put there) and the trees were about 20 ft tall and they were topped leaving only the trunk and the lowest branches and now it looks rediculous.

There is some kind of maple (sunset, october glory, or such) that is right against a power line and it is getting pretty tall and is several ft above the lines but it remains conpletly intact!

what gives? LOL

Here is a pic of the maple from a few years ago and it does look to have been cut....

And here is the red cedar..

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