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Friend or Foe? Small White Bugs in Soil

7 years ago

After watering yesterday I noticed some small white bugs in the soil of my dragon fruit plants. At first I thought they were spring tails since I had them before but these didn't jump. At any given time I could see at least 10-15 crawling on the surface, after spraying with h2o2/water/dish soap I'm lucky if I see 1.

After doing some intense googling, I think they might be soil mites but who knows. I don't particularly care what they are as long as they are harming the plants. The majority of my plants are in an inorganic mix so I don't normally see a ton of bugs.

I also have some strawberry seedlings in a similar mix as the dragon fruit and I've noticed same bugs but all of the strawberries seem to be thriving (minus 2 that were got burned, I don't think this is related).


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