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Small cottage bedroom storage project

8 years ago

We moved to our cottage full time this weekend, my parents and sister (who is very ill, long story) have moved into our city home. So for a few months, maybe a year we are living in the woods and commuting to the city.

This cottage was designed for weekend living and possibly full time post-retirement living, not full time with young kids, two cats and a dog. We've figured out most storage issues (after MASSIVE editing of things we really don't need). This cottage is supposed to be minimalist after all!

Master bedroom clothing storage is a big issue. I'm resisting buying a wardrobe or building a regular closet. Spent $20 and an hour or so of labour putting up a large branch to hang clothes on. Branch is almost 7' in length. May do another branch above (10' ceilings). Will be difficult to access though at that height.

Needed more storage too, hence the lower unit. I still need consistent baskets or something to put the clothes in that will generally look less cluttered and more minimal.

This whole thing will probably end up looking like a messy nightmare, but I thought I'd try. Any suggestions on finishing this projects, basket ideas? Other thoughts? Thanks!

Here is the side of the bedroom facing the storage wall and door:

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