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Need feedback on bathroom design - Tub, Vanity, Cabinet

7 years ago


I have a floorplan and elevations ready but have been second guessing some of the design. Originally, the plan had bigger bathroom and had a standing shower separate from the tub. The tub had a surround deck. We eventually made the bathroom smaller and put the shower over tub, which also opened space for a linen cabinet. The architect decided to keep the deck application for tub with shower. Searching online I rarely see a application of deck in this case. Do you guys think it makes sense?

With the new additional space, we put a linen cabinet attached to the vanity. In the plan everything is connected - tub to wall, wall to vanity, vanity to cabinet. I am wondering if having some open space wouldn't make bathroom feel more open and spacious. So I was thinking about putting a 72" furniture-like (stand alone) vanity, and also a stand alone linen closet. There would be space between tub, vanity and closet. I think we don't even need that wall that separates the tub from the vanity.

I am attaching the designs to help you visualize. I really appreciate any feedback.


PS - It won't be a pocket door to enter bathroom as it's a shear wall, will be a 28" in swing towards tub side.

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