Corner Cabinet Options and Garbage Can Size ?

Matthew Rieger
6 years ago


We have a tiny kitchen and are trying to maximize the corner cabinet space. I did not know so many options existed other than the lazy susan until we started shopping around. We plan to use costco (Tuscan Hills) cabinets. Due to limited space, based upon your experience, any thoughts to what gives the most storage for pots and pans? Below is a link they sent me with some options. Also, regarding pull out garbage thought was go for a large single can because that is what we use know with our stand alone can on the floor. I saw some double can set ups with the pull out drawer on top, but they just seem so small which is why the single can using the entire height of the base cabinet seemed like the way to go (they say it is 50 quarts). They also have a 35 quart single can with a drawer on top.

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