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Flowers on a beautiful Wednesday

The temperature and humidity are down today and the sky is blue. The mosquitoes are tolerable so we took a few pictures.

Misty Harbor is a club plant we are babysitting. It is blooming for the first time.

Wide Wide World has the most delicious color. It really doesn't do well for us--practically no increase in all the years we have had it. The fact that it is planted in the worst spot in the yard might have something to do with its vigor (or lack thereof).

We have never seen Piano Man's eye break up into bands before.

Keystone Fangs A Lot is doing well this year.

Oceans Eleven has been a blooming fool this summer. It was one of the first in bloom and it is still blooming.

Orange Splash is making a splash in the garden today.

Carrots Forever is another bright beacon in the garden.

Apache War Dance is just getting started. It is such a vigorous grower.

Coral Majority is an offspring of Apache War Dance and performs just as well.

Chomp X Happy Holidays to You caught Bob's eye today--just what he wants--an orange with teeth.

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