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Fridge water filter v. under sink water filter

Alex Kaplan
7 years ago

I am trying to decide if I really need an under the sink water filter. I will preface this by saying we drink massive amounts of water and have an infant for whom we need good lead filtration. (Our home has a lead service pipe).

We have a brand new Bosch fridge that is soon to be installed with an integrated water filter/dispenser. The filter has dual NSF ratings, but the data sheet doesnt show its effectiveness for many contaminants. It lists a good handful (and is indeed very effective for lead).

Our under the counter filter pick is the Aquaversa. The dual NSF ratings and testing data are steller. We don't really have a lot of room in our small kitchen for 2 faucets, though.

Do you think we should leave well enough alone (Fridge filter) or go the extra mile (under the counter)? Our kitchen renovation is in progress so we need to decide quite quickly.


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