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Need Planting Suggestion, Small Mulch bed, Rear of House

8 years ago


I just ripped out several rose bushes in this small approx 5 x 5 feet mulch bed. The area is in the back of my house next to the house foundation. So much ugliness with the bulkhead, AC condenser, etc. The white fence against the wall is to block furnace exhaust.

Zone 6, Full Sun.


Hydrangea that will grow 6 feet, however back yard area is very slender there and will attract bees, son plays right in that area

Ground Cover: Fern? groundcover that grows 6 inches. Still leaves empty view

Bluestone- fill in to match bluestone on the left.

Perennial Garden- We have a great perennial garden on the other side of the deck, so not necessary.

Thoughts? Thank you

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