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On Friday, Beales sent me an email about a free package & postage offer at the moment which prompted a good 20 minute pondering, and a decidely guilty start when I remembered it was the middle of the workday. Yes, work, that thing that enables me to buy roses... ahem.
Been out in my out of control garden today, between mum and work I've neglected it horribly. However, the absence has enabled a good look at how the roses are doing wihout me, and I've picked out some clear winners and losers.
My baby teas are thriving. Le Vesuve is 4ft across, but only 18 inches tall.

The General Schablikine is tiny - apart from the 3ft 6 vertical cane!

Mme Antoine Mari is a graceful 2ft 6 by 3ft.

All of them contantly have a bloom - I gave up on disbudding because I'd have a busy few days and come back and there would be new ones. My precious own root Mutablis that I was gifted is the same, forming a small neat hummock and constantly in bloom.

Both my ladies H (climbing and bush) are growing on nicely
, and again always with a flower or two. Really looking forward to seeing some size on them.

Gruss an Teplitz is looking good, had one cluster of delicious cherry blooms but it's concentrating on growth - it's about 3ft tall.

Leonie Viennot is a good 8 ft across, sideways in her pot and also blooming already. I will have to decide on a permanent home very soon I think. Either I will grow her over my shed, and Mme Gregoire Stachelin can decorate a stretch of fence in the back of the pink bed or vice versa. I guess it depends which will train flattest and most horizontally and which would do better galumphing over the shed in an unstructured manner. Or a third party I suppose if neither are suitable.

Roses that aren't doing so well:

DA Eglantyne; horribly blackspotted, not terribly vigorous and threatening powdery mildew on what foliage it has left. It's had two places in the garden - full sun and part shade and has been miserable after the first flush in both. I think it needs a more consistent watering programme than I'm willing to provide, and I agree with whoever suggested it probably needs spraying too, which it will not be getting.

Kordes Alchymist; this rose is 4 years old. I don't know if I got a bad clone or what, but it blackspots, it mildews, it gets wierd brown crud, and it rusts at the end of summer. Basically from the end of the spring flush to autumn it looks terrible. The blooms are really very pretty but only for about 30 seconds and only if they don't get botyris and ball. I shoved it behind a rhododendron in the hopes it would climb through it decoratively but, it turns out they aren't quite aligned in bloom, so my purple rhodo was festooned with dirty yellow brown blobs. Not quite the effect I wanted.

Lots of others are too new to comment on. Jude has redeemed himself by blooming nicely, so he gets a stay.

Guinee has been exiled to behind the compost bins and I just go and cut blooms for the vase.

SDLM... well, there's a lot I like about it, but frustratingly it's blooms are never that beautiful powder pink I see in others photos - more a creamy flesh colour and I'm really not that ķeen on it. I'm hoping it'll grow out of it at three.

Not loving Kronprinzessin Victoria it's developed what I gather is bourboun crud- which is a shame because St Anne's is never without flowers and healthy to boot, and SDLM itself is clean as a whistle.

So for next year, I'm contemplating Duchesse d'Auerstadt to replace Alchymist and Sombreuil (the probably wichurana hybrid, not-tea) to grow on an arch. However, depending upon feedback, I might swap them over, or even pick something else. Health, scent and floriferousness are important in that order.

Don't have a clue about a replacement for Eglantyne - I'm open to persuasion!

Oh, and last but not least, Souvenir Du Dr Jamain is being relegated to a shady corner from the central iron arch - it absolutely fried this year, despite some partial shade so I need a replacement, something healthy, dark red that doesn't need spraying, small climber, ideally reblooms and will look good with Etoile de Hollande on the other side - SdDrJ always looked a bit purple in comparison and never looked quite right, but I forgave for the lovely scent. But despite being floriferous, I barely got to enjoy a single bloom this year, most of them cooked and never opened, so he has to move home.

Whew, that was wordy. I'll try to edit with some pictures to break up the monotony!

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