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Lavender and Lavender Cotton from cuttings.

Erin Powell
7 years ago

I keep hearing over and over how easy it is to propagate these plants from cuttings, but so far, I'm having very little luck. Most of the cuttings will look great for a couple weeks and then start to wilt and eventually turn dark and die.

I noticed that root rot can be an issue, and so I've stopped keeping them covered - I mist them occasionally and check the soil. Light: I've tried by a shady northern window, on our kitchen table (some defused afternoon and more direct evening sun), and now I've set up a grow light station in a guest room. Heat index is in the 100s outside, so keeping them outdoors isn't really an option.

The cuttings are new green growth, the soil I'm using is a miracle grow potting mix (water control variety). To my understanding it is a soilless mix, which I've read is recommended. I'm using rooting hormone, removing the bottom sets of leaves, etc... everything by the book as far as I can tell.

I feel like I've read everything there is to read and am trying things differently. Maybe a different growing medium? I was hoping to not spend a whole lot more money on this (the whole point of me propagating from cuttings is to save me money), but any help or advice is appreciated.

Not ready to give up yet, but feeling pretty defeated :(

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