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Habanero Productivity Dropping Off

7 years ago

Hey All,

I'm in Zone 9b in New Orleans. I have a small habanero plant in a windowsill planter on the 4th floor. I filled the planter with an organic soil mix from Home Depot. The planter depth is probably around 4" so the plant is pretty squat, but was doing great. I had a steady supply of peppers and for a couple weeks was able to pull off at least one or two per day. The last peppers I harvested were smallish and that was 2+ weeks ago.

Since then it has been flowering just as much, but not setting fruit. I don't think I've changed anything with the care. I trim back the growth tips and keep it compact. I water deeply every 3-4 days...not sure what changed. The leaves are slightly yellower but not to the point where I think over-watering is an issue. It shares the planter with a scaevola that's doing really well, not sure if that makes a difference.

It has been really hot here the last few weeks but that's standard for New Orleans summer. I've grown habs in the ground here and never had them go dormant in the heat. This is my first time growing in a container. Is it time to add some nutrients, primarily phosphorous? If so, should I use something like bone meal?

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