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Help a girl out with countertop choice please!!!

7 years ago

I have a huge problem. I drool over carrara countertops with carrara slab backsplashes, but I can't handle the etching in my messy lemon-filled kitchen. I need something calm, serene, able to take a beating with pots/pans/kids/lemons/oil/magic markers.

I've looked at corian in the seafoam color and kinda like it, but nervous it will look too plastic in larger format. I've looked at quartz in arctic white but concerned it is too hospitaly.

I am wondering about leathered white granites, but haven't seen much of that, only leathered darker granites.

I don't like any of the faux marble solid surfacing- all look too fake for me.

I considered stainless counters, but wondering if that is too lab-like and also loud and clangy with dishes/silverware.

HELP! Any suggestions appreciated. I am planning on lowers to be a light grey/blue and uppers to be white. island will be wood. I want all counters to be the same. I am considering the thin panel carrara for the backsplash because it doesn't get the abuse or the light directly on it to show etching that my counters will get.

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