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Tiling pre-existing cement shower floor pan?

7 years ago

My elderly aunt has a shower in her cement slab basement
with a cement shower pan. She uses this
shower regularly b/c of easy access (only a tub upstairs). She (or rather my deceased uncle) has painted
the shower pan several times over 40 years and, as expected, the paint has
failed and the mold has taken hold under the loose paint. I’ve gone in and scrapped up loose chips and
scraped the heck out of any remaining paint till I couldn’t get anything more
up, then scrubbed it all with a bleach solution. I’ve uploaded a couple of pictures of the
tile pan (fyi… I’ve laid linoleum on the floor since the pics). What you see are the remnants of the original
pink paint, which was then covered with the blue. The paint on the outside part of the curb is
actually quite intact and has a strong adherence. I'm presuming the original pink paint was oil
base (just a guess) and the blue paint was water based enamel (per paint can in

What I would like to do is put in a more permanent solution
and was thinking of a couple tile ideas.
One option would be to tile the shower floor and up the inside of the
curb to the inside edge of the pink shower wall sitting on top of the curb. The other option would be to remove the pink
walls and shower door and install a surrounding shower curtain in lieu of it,
then tile up and over the shower curb.

The basin already has a good slope that seems to drain
adequately, though there are worn pitted concrete areas I’d level out. My thought was to use a liquid membrane like
Redguard (Home Depot: over the concrete then set the tile on top of that. I would need to raise the drain.

Thoughts on this any other solution that a moderately handy
person could do? Cost is a factor for
her so I am trying to do this myself and I have done a fair bit of tiling and
plumbing work before. A custom pan or removing
the cement pan are not an option. Of
course, I could just paint it again….

Thanks for any help and ideas!

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