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Fun little "experiment" with extra tomatoes - Black Krim

So I planted three Black Krim seeds and all popped up, all got transplanted and I've been looking at the two smaller ones wondering what to do with them. Neighbors who would probably accept but not really want them since it's so late, or friends who would undoubtedly kill them slowly?

After some time, I decided to try my version of a totally non-scientific experiment.

The two tomatoes are about as similar as two non-identical tomatoes will ever get. They have been on the same exact fert abd watering schedule to date and both lagged a bit behind one main Black Krim that is now in the ground.

I transplanted one into a 10-gallon pot the way I normally plant tomatoes in containers (just Tomato-tone then Foliage Pro or Bloom as appropriate) which had always been fine if not great, and another pot with the same Tomato-tone but with added azomite rock dust and mychorrhizae.

Other than those additions, I'll be using the same fertilizer and watering schedule as the other pot from the same 2 gallon watering pot. I've been using all three with in-ground tomatoes but never tried any of them with containers (and perhaps wisely so--we shall see). They will also go side by sidentifying against the same fence with virtually equal light.

Because the 10 gallon pots I bought are unfortunately wider than taller, I tickled apart all the roots and spread them out WIDE in the pot haha. Dunno if that will work but it was worth a shot or else they're already 3/4 of the way down in the new pot if I let them stay in the same length. They're a tad wilt but should be okay. I've seen and done worse, lol.

As usual, the soil is just Promix HP cut with about 40% of #4 perlite unscreened. I let them rest in the shade today but they best be prepared for full sun again in their usual spot starting tomorrow. :)

Wish me luck!


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