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Help with laundry room (sink cabinet)

7 years ago

I need a little help with this laundry room cabinet layout. Didn't post it in laundry because over there it's more about the washing process. So I figured you guys could help me over here.

I'm including the floor plan. The floor plan is good, it works for us. I divided the areas into washing zone, and cleaning zone, plus a fridge. The floor plan is only a guide, the cabinets are really not exactly like that. And we moved the window 6 inches towards the W&D to get better upper cabinet space on the other side of the window.

My question is about the sink cabinet. It will be long enough to go to the corner inside. So I can store rarely used items in there, such as larger buckets, etc. But there's a large trim piece right before it gets to the corner. The space inside will be there, but the outside seems strange, or is it my imagination? I think they did that to keep the sink centered under the window.

On the other wall, the cabinet next to the fridge is not wide enough to get a corner lazy Susan cabinet, it will be a skinny lower cabinet with 1door/1drawer. The sink is not that skinny either as in the floor plan.

Ideas? Do I leave the sink cabinet like that? Will it look strange? Function is more important than looks.

Floorplan · More Info

Floorplan · More Info

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