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Granite panic! Typhoon Ivory?

7 years ago

So, after killing ourselves trying to find the right Fantasy Brown slab, we finally went to a yard yesterday and found one! We were telling them to put it on hold when I looked to the side and saw an amazing piece of what they call "Typhoon Ivory Leathered" . It literally made me gasp, so lovely! All over pale colors, with giant (2 foot wide) chunks of what looks like a smoky or amethyst quartz, so much real rock to it.

Since my original idea was limestone with fossils (because I adore the geological look of stones), but being practical, I couldn't bear the thought of a fragile stone like that.

Now I'm in love with this stone, it looks like this amazing geological display.

I cannot find any info pics of this granite online, I have seen some Typhoon white and Typhoon Bordeaux, but none of them look like what we found.

Has anyone worked with/seen anything like I am describing? Any other names it could be under? I would love to see it installed, just to reassure myself I haven't gone off the deep end!

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