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Raised bed fall strawberries - spacing?

8 years ago

Local farmers buy strawberry plugs and plant them each fall, harvest in June, and then pull the plants to allow for a second and different mid summer crop. I plan to try this method to conserve garden space.

I am planning to buy strawberry plugs for fall planting in raised beds. The soil is wonderful with plenty of organic manner and good tilth as it has never been stepped in. I also have irrigation in the beds with drip tape.

Question: How do I space the strawberries?

Traditional advice is 3 feet between rows and 12 - 18" between plants in the row. However, these recommendations are for regular ground beds, adjusted for equipment to be used, and intended to allow runners to fill in the spaces over several seasons. Plus I have great soil and irrigation.

The typical strawberries used in Fall Planting - Chandler for example - do not throw lots of runners out.

Can I get away with 8" or 12" spacing in all directions?


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