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Mauve and purple shrub roses (again)

9 years ago

Hideous heat wave here in Tuscany, and no hopeful forecast; all you can do is hide in the house . I'm so hot and bored,so what to do but plan for fall. I want to add some shrub roses ,and being a fiend for mauves and purples and violets,I'm of course considering some of these. Here's a few from FilRoses and Belle Epoque catalogues: Chartreuse de Parme,Lavande Parfumeé,Midnight Blue,Minerva,Mysterieuse,Poseidon,Old Port,Odyssey,Purple Lodge,Purple Eden,Blue Eden,Burgundy Ice,Magenta, Shocking Blue. Anyone familiar with these? I seem to remember Poseidon being discussed on this forum,and favourably, too,but the others? I'm interested in hearing about growth habits just as much as flower quality/quantity,general vigour, disease-and-heat resistance. For example, I think that Chartreuse de Parme is an HT,and I have this idea-wrong, perhaps-that therefore it's habit is, perforce, upright and rigid,which I find clumsy; therefore I could eliminate that from my list.Pacific Dream and Eyes for You are already sort of decided upon. So, people, pros and cons on any and all of these roses?

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