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Replace Shed on Concrete - Tying to foundation and drainage questions

8 years ago

Our house came with an old metal shed on a concrete pad with a ramp. The pad is 11x9 feet, but the shed is less than 10x8, with an edge over 6 inches of the pad showing on each side. The front with doors is on the long side. There is some metal track at the base of the walls, and there has never been water inside the shed. It is at least 25 years old now and is rusting and in need of replacement. We are on the edge of the Northeast Ohio Snow Belt and get a lot of rain and snow.

I would like to build a new wood shed on the whole pad. The ground around the shed slopes down from the back to the front. The concrete pad top is level with the ground in the back and 5 inches above ground at the front. The ground extending away in back is relatively level with a large wooded area on the next property behind the shed.

The first question is with building a wood wall on the concrete foundation. Every instruction for a wood shed states to overlap the wall siding over the edge of the pad. However, this pad is level with the ground in the back. There is no practical way to overlap the concrete pad. If the metal shed can be built in the middle of the concrete pad without going to the edges and not have water problems, there has to be a way to do the same with a wood shed. Anyone know how to reliably seal a wood shed wall to concrete without overlapping the foundation?

A second question is with drainage. The old metal shed has a gambrel roof which slopes off to the sides. I would like to build a gable roof the other way with and let it slope to the front and back for access to loft storage for 10-foot long poles that I use in the yard. This will result in plenty of rain and snow coming off the roof onto the rear uphill side. Is it safe to rely on sealing a wood wall to a concrete deck, or will something else have to be done to redirect water from the rear to the sides?



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