Does this master bath work better?

6 years ago
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I wasn't 100% happy with the master bath. the problem was where to put towels when in the shower, and not having doors banging into each other.

this is the original layout. the problem is you open the door to the bathroom and have to walk past the door to the toilet to turn on the lights. If I switch the door, then you have to close the bathroom door to walk into the toilet. I could have just switched the toilet so it is on the other wall, but that creates another problem. While the wall of the shower next to the tub is a pony wall and I could hang a towel bar there, the only way to access the towel from the shower would be to step out of the shower first to grab the towel. If I switch the toilet, I have no wall to hang a towel for the shower.

So, I came up with the idea of switching the toilet closet with the bath. that would allow me to then switch the direction of the door for the shower, so I could then reach out of the shower for a towel. It would still give me a wall, (actually 2 walls) to hang towels for the bath. I can switch the door swing into the bath so now the light switches are on the side wall where the linen closet is. And I now enter the bathroom looking at the vanity and tub as opposed to the toilet closet/shower and tub. While the door t the bathroom would have to be at least partly closed to open the shower door, I think that's less of a problem since the shower is only used 2x a day when DH showers and then when I shower. (Sometimes it's only used 1x a day. ;) )

Does this work better? For scale, the vanity is 72" as is the tub. the toilet closet is 3' x 5' and the shower measurements are 5' x 3'4".

FYI, I cannot move walls at all, nor add more space. Going to x-post in building a home too.

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