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Pinching, staking, tying and other methods to manage growth?

8 years ago

Usually I grow mostly perennials then fill in with a few store bought annuals. This year I tried winter sowing and had great success with all types of annuals that I've never grown and have my first almost exclusively annual garden. I suspect that many of the beautiful garden pictures we see have lots of plant management that's either been done to make the plant grow better or to prop it up. I know to pinch zinnias, but that's about the extent of it.

Anyone have any tips or advice on how to keep annuals from ending up in a big matted mess of color? I'll take general or plant specific!

Here's a picture of nicotiana (Jasmine alata) that is my current problem. Since this photo it may have flopped beyond repair, but I'll definitely grow it again and would like to know how to manage it better!

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