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Kitchen cabinets and beamed ceiling

8 years ago

Hi there. We are building a home with an open concept. The style will be Mediterranean/European...but lighter in feel and color than I sometimes see. The great room will have a 15' ceiling with beams. Kitchen has a max 12' ceiling and my plan was to include beams here as well, although slightly smaller scale. There will be two walls with upper with sink, window above and upper cabinets flanking the sink. Opposite that wall will be the frig/freezer columns and a combi steam wall oven. Our architect has suggested that the beams should run parallel to these walls and we should lower the ceiling.

My question is where to put the ceiling height, given the beams. I really don't care for soffits....though MAYBE if they were flush with the upper cabinets, with molding sitting proud. Alternatively, the beams could run above the cabinets with a gap between the ceiling and top of cabinet, but I've read many here do not recommend this due to the accumulation of dust, etc. I would want to minimize the gap because I don't like to have the upper cabinets appear to be "floating".

What are your thoughts? Any other ideas?

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