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Suddenly, it's summer---How's your weather?

8 years ago

I feel cheated out of a spring this year. It was unusually cold into March and early April. It was so cold we forgot that it had stopped raining, so there was a mini drought. Everything was delayed so that some perennials had a disappointingly brief bloom period before the summer heat kicked in. (I hardly remember my Peonies collection this year, and normally they are stunning for a couple of weeks.) Now that it is officially summer, the weather is quite mild. Drought conditions have ended, there is rain every other day and temps are cooler than normal (80-84 by day; 65 at night), humidity is bearable and air conditioning has been resting. I can cope with this. Today was actually quite breezy and had a beachy feel to it.

Trying to catch up with a backload of gardening chores before summer heat kicks in, but they are predicting a cooler than normal season for much of the East and Midwest (and maybe South), thanks to El Nino. All the real heat seems to be stuck out in the West (from Cali to Alaska). Just don't know how I feel about almost normal weather as we've had so little of it in recent years!

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