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Please Advise on Kitchen Update Keeping Cabinets and Floor Unchanged

8 years ago

We will close on a home next month and would like to update the kitchen. It is in good shape, but the style doesn't appeal to us. We were able to buy the house at a nice discount to comparable neighborhood sales so I suspect it doesn't appeal to the average buyer either, though that is speculation.

We did a gut renovation of our last kitchen but would like to avoid the expense and mess of replacing flooring and cabinets this time. I know that many of you could transform this (pics below) into a great kitchen within those constraints, but we probably cannot. We need to be pointed in the right direction. :-)

We can change appliances, counters, wall paint, backsplash, hardware, and lighting. (Is there anything else?)

This cabinetry is also in every bathroom, the built-in great room bookshelves, and the great room wet bar. We aren't fans, but hope the look is more appealing after changing hardware and surrounding decor.

It is a large house with a Greek Revival exterior (or so I believe based on nothing more than a Google search).

I appreciate any suggestions.


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