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Which roses would look good together?

7 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Dear all,

I am ordering 18 standard roses to grow just behind the 18m heged border of my front yard.

I am new and know almost nothing about roses and would like your help
in putting those plants together. With so many colours and different
varieties I am stuck of which rose to plant next to which one in order
to get a beautiful and harmonious effect overall. I need to sort this
out asap because the planting is starting in the next two days. Spacing
is 1m apart.

1. The Alnwick Rose

2. Pomponella

3. Afternoon Delight

4. Sunny Sky

5. Transplant Australia's Thank You Rose

6. Purple Glow

7. Tuscan Sun

8. Splice

9. Sexy Rexy

10. PJPll

11. Perfume Passion

12. Munstead Wood

13. Maxivita

14. Seduction

15 Red Riding Hood

16. Princess Alexandra Of Kent

17. Peach Profusion

18. Cathedral City

Thank you so much. Take care

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