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First year kumquat question

8 years ago

I just received my first Meyer's lemon (left) and second ever meiwa kumquat. The last one died a few years ago during a frost and I wanted to give it another shot. I just received this as a first year tree and it is literally covered in blooms. I didn't get to take a picture and I'm traveling for business right now, but I'll try to describe it as best as I can. There are little unopened buds all over the plant. There are probably 30-50 on the plant and frankly I'm flabbergasted. I got them from Four Winds and I'm amazed at their quality. My question is in regards to the buds. Should I debud the plant or let them ripen? If I debud them, what will happen? I'm assuming I'll get more branch growth which is probably what I want. Will it hurt anything if I leave a few of the buds to turn into fruit? Also, for both the Meyer and the Meiwa, how should I go about pruning? The Meyer lemon has all of its branches growing on one side of the graft with just a stump for the left side. I would like to encourage more growth on that side. I'm not sure how to manage the kumquat, but I'm excited to get them settled into a new pot and watch them grow! That brings up another question: Should I pot the kumquat and then debud it or will that stress the plant out too much? Right now they are both still in the containers they were shipped in. Thank you all for the advice and guidance that I always receive on this forum!

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