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Why is the paint on our interior doors and trim sticky after cleaning?

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

We've lived in this home for 10 years, it was built in 1993. I'm pretty sure the paint on the doors and trim is original. I don't know if it is oil or latex. It is a fairly glossy finish.

Of course, I have needed to clean fingerprints, etc off of doors and trim. I've used a variety of cleaners, but most often a TINY bit of cleanser on a damp cloth. I've also used windex, dish soap (in a bucket of hot soapy water), 409 spray, etc. No matter what cleaner I use, it leaves the paint feeling sticky or tacky. Of course, this just makes these areas grab dirt and oil from hands even more efficiently! The only sticky or tacky spots are those that have been cleaned--the rest of the door or trim is just fine.

I've never had a problem in any other home we've lived in, and I'm stumped (and frustrated!!)

Any ideas why this is happening? I'm REALLY not interested in stripping/ and or repainting all the trim and doors!


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