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Shade friendly perennials

9 years ago

I have a narrow patch on a slope between a chain link fence and the side of my garage. The chain link fence has plastic pieces slid in vertically to block the view. This also blocks the morning sun. The garage blocks the afternoon sun. I would say it gets maybe 2 hours of direct sun light a day. Maybe. It is mostly consumed by rocks and weeds right now. In an effort to dress it up, I would kind of like to throw some perennials in. It doesn't have the greatest visibility (you really need to look into my driveway and probably walk up to the spot to see it), so flowers that are low to the ground won't work. We are thinking of putting some ferns in, but I'm also interested in leafy types (like Elephant Ears) or flowers that will grow tall. I'm in zone 5. Thanks!

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