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The Baby Quilt that kept me so busy

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

Here are some shots of the baby quilt I have been yakking about. My DIL choose this fabric...It is called "Make A Wish", by Lewis and Irene in the UK. I ordered some of it from Australia, some from UK, and several places in states to get enough. It sold out very fast. There are tiny fairies on several of these fabrics.


With the edge showing (a royal pain to do There are 80 of those little triangles around the edge.

Center of quilt
Fairy block. I put her together like a jigsaw puzzle ...the wings, then the fairy, then her hair, her dress, and her two shoes. and appliqued around it. some of the features are thread painted. Her face was hand done, the rest with my sewing machine.

The fairy block:
Up a little closer; the wings are sparkly
And you can see the hair a bit better...The arm is over the wing,

DIL was delighted I had made her a blond since Elowyn is a blond.

Each corner has a heart block:

And a heart is quilted into each corner of the

The outside strips are joined by Pink squares in the corners and they have hearts quilted in the center.

And that is the quilt.


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