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Linear Drain Grate Catching To Much Hair: What brand of drain is this?

By Any Design Ltd.
8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

I got a phone call yesterday from a custom builder out in Coquitlam about a replacement linear drain grate for a custom shower he just finished. The client does not like the tile insert grate because it catches too much hair. I asked the builder where he bought the drain and he told me that the designer out in North Vancouver told him she bought it from me.

I was like WTF? She has never bought a linear drain from me. He was like, "that's odd - that's not what she told me."

I asked for a few pictures so I could at least help him out but for the life of me I have never installed one of these linear drains. Any ideas who makes this drain?

Nasty. I'm pretty upset that a designer is using my name to sell drains and then sourcing clearly an different product too the ACO linear drains which I do sell. Not sure what to do. I guess I could drop their name here but that would most likley get me in trouble. For now I would just like to help out the Coquitlam Builder get a new grate for this linear drain.

If you know which brand this is please let me know.

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