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Plumeria not growing leaves but producing flowers for 2 nd year

7 years ago

Hi guys, I have been gone for awhile now.

I have a 4 1/2' tree in my front yard that up until last year was doing splendidly. Last year it never produced big leaves, but yet there were blossoms on most of the branches. I even cut off the inflos hoping to redirect energy to leaves. They were kind of crusty leaf beginnings but nothing else. The new branches that developed from the inflos only grow an inch last year.

I have a Miami Rose planted right next to it. It receives the same water, soil, fertilizer etc. I have tried soapy water to kill bugs, dusting with fungicide etc. to no avail.

It is doing the same thing this year. I cut the tip off one branch and it was dripping latex! Here is a picture. Also last month I even sprayed with hydrogen peroxide. It bubbled. It almost looks like the latex is oozing out of the leaf nodes (?)

The Miami Rose is producing leaves, no problem. Any suggestions?


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