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middle of the road gardener/ organic/ non organic

8 years ago

i try to make my garden as organic as possible, i prepare the soil organically by adding humus/ composted manure/ soy bean meal tilled into the soil sometimes i add pine bark fines. after letting the ground rest. at planting time i broadcast some pelleted poultry manure and turn it in to 3 or 4 inches. plant the tomatoes and back fill the hole with compost. i usually side dress later on with 5 -10 -5 in small amounts. just as sort of a boost.

it works out well. but some say the small amount of 5-10 5 is hurting the soil yet i still see many earth worms. i've tried side dressing with locally available organic fertilizers but see very little results. any one know of a quicker acting one.?

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