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Growing Garlic Question

8 years ago

Hey folks!
I'm confused about my garlic. I planted it last fall and when spring came it seemed to be doing GREAT - the stalks were getting long and strong. I needed to do some work on my veggie garden however, so I temporarily (and gently) dug them up and laid them aside while I did the work. I transplanted them back in that same day and with the exception of a couple of rough days where the tops of the stocks dried up and wilted, they are doing better now.

My question is this: when I dug them up, the clove at the bottom was still only clove. Shouldn't there be more than that by now? Each stalk had like 3 or 4 leaves growing out of it. If I'm going to be pulling these in August/September...shouldn't there be more than the one clove on the bottom?


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