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The Downside to a Plush Lawn

8 years ago

So my lawn is coming into nice shape, thickening up and getting nicer as time passes. I mow at the highest setting on my mower, 4 inches. I've learned that this tends to attract animals.

Starting last week a little fawn took up shop smack dab in the middle of my back yard. Odd, because the little one was born in my neighbor's yard, and both properties adjoin a wooded area. But no, they choose the middle of my yard to place the fawn for like 12 hours at a time. This tends to get in the way of my lawn care routine. I think the grass is like a pillow for the little guy.

Then, two days ago, my wife and I both remarked how a big rabbit was standing next our front walkway and didn't seem to be afraid of us. Yesterday, again, I see the rabbit as I come up the walkway. She hops off about 10 feet and stares at me. Then all of a sudden I notice a huge hole dug right in the middle of my beautiful KBG sod! That little bugger had just started construction on a new rabbit hole and was a good 6 inches down already, with a pile of dirt accumulated in front of it. I had one of those moments like Kramer on Seinfeld, or maybe like Ben Stiller with that little primate in "A Night at the Museum." I'm looking at the rabbit and find myself engaging in a conversation.

I say, "No way in hell, buddy. It ain't gonna happen..."
She looks back, motionless, as if to say, "Oh I'm digging that hole."
Then I say, outloud, "Over my dead body. It ain't happening!"
She says, "We'll see. I'm here a lot longer than you."

With that I chase her around the yard for awhile until she disappears into the neighbor's yard. I go back and fill the hole as best I can until the weekend when I can fix it properly. This morning nothing had been touched, but I have a feeling the last chapter in this saga hasn't been written yet... More to come...

(P.S. - don't get me wrong. I love the wildlife, but if she has a nest of babies in my yard how can I mow it without possibly killing some of them?)

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