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Ghost pepper / scorpion leaves at top of plant are shriveled

Dan Bringhurst
7 years ago

The plants in general seem to be doing fine. I had them outside for around a month but have since decided it's too hot and the insects keep eating my leaves. I also found some spider webs that were disconcerting.

Only the top sets of leaves are shriveled, but they aren't wilted or soft, and they feel healthy at touch. Also, several of the pods that sprouted, in infancy, died and fell off. This is my first go, so I have no idea what's normal and what isn't.

Just some background:

These are around 4 months along. I've got 2 Ghosts, 2 Scorpions, and 1 Paper Lantern. They began under grow lights in a terrarium and were subsequently transplanted to larger pots until around 2 months ago, where they've stayed ever since. They've been outdoors for the last 1.5 months and recently it got up to 105 degrees - always with almost non-existent humidity - and it wilted the hell out of my plants, despite being well watered.

I brought them indoors and placed them by the sliding glass door to deal with the heat issue and to combat the insects. I don't yet know what the diminished light will do.

For a long time I was watering from the bottom using the usual method, and then, in my wife's wisdom I stopped and have watered from the top for the last three weeks. She argued it doesn't matter so long as I water slowly and thoroughly, and that water seeping out the bottom is proof positive that it's being absorbed entirely.

So, there's that. Thanks in advance.

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