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bosch 800 series, GE profile, or Miele Dishwasher?

7 years ago

We are replacing our 25 year old GE dishwasher and need some advice as to what to purchase. We are a large family and absolutley need a workhorse machine. It will run once maybe twice in one day or more! I want clean dishes and could care less about noise. I dont mind some water on the dishes. We never use heated dry with the DW we have now. Ive looked at Bosch, GE and Miele. I dont want to spend more than 1500 on this appliance unless someone can convince me that its worth it. We live in an area with hard water but we have a Whole House water softener. What do you all recommend? This same type of question has been asked numerous times and I've spent hours pouring over past threads on the subject only to still be absolutely unsure which way to go. Some of the discussions are several years old, so I'm posing the question again hoping to get some new insight! Thanks in advance everyone!

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