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Can I mount orchids in my staghorn fern?

8 years ago

Hi folks,

I've got a huge staghorn fern (6.5' wide by 4' tall) that grew from a single "horn" cutting from my great aunt some 28 years ago (it's been divided into thirds once and halves once and had a couple of "gift chunks" given away each year). It grows happily in coastal SoCal, under a magnolia tree w/ early morning sun/afternoon shade. I was wondering if I could pop a couple of orchids into its "bowls" (it has about 9 of these deep bowls). Would they be happy? Would they make the staghorn unhappy? I have two Phals outside, both in moss baskets and other than 2 years when it got unseasonably cold (we had frost for a couple of nights) they've been pretty happy and rebloomed each year for about 5 years.

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