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New Sod Having Issues

8 years ago


I am a new homeowner in Southwest Florida who just installed Bahiagrass all across the yard. I watered and fertilized with a 16-4-8 fertilizer, but quickly noticed dead patches and areas where it seems like something (such as an Armadillo or Opossum) is digging in the yard and leaving holes in the turf and areas of dirt piled up. I've put down some Ortho killer about 2 weeks ago but continue to watch the yard deteriorate. Just today I've seen 2 mushrooms pop up as well. The only downside with my yard is that there is shade from trees that cover a vast majority.

Am I getting mold/mildew from rain/shade, or am I getting an infestation of some sort of yard bug and/or animal digging for said bugs, or both? Is there anything I can do since I've both fertilized and put down bug killer about 2 weeks ago?

Please advise!

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