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My riding mower wont start...can you help?

8 years ago

I have a Murray 46568X6A and we were mowing the lawn one day and ran out of gas. We put gas in and turned the key and the motor was turning but wouldnt start. I had someone come look at it yesterday and they said to change the plug. I did that and it didnt help. There is gas in it. I dropped the bowl down and there is gas getting into that. Battery is showing 12 volts. I checked the seat switch with multimeter on Ohms and nothing but when I push the plunger down it beeps showing good. Same thing with the switch on the right hand side which I believe is the brake pedal switch. One side beeps with the plunger not depressed then when you move to the other side no beep until you press the plunger in. I checked voltage from the battery to the solenoid (3 poles) with a test light and it lights up on one side (going to the starter) with the key not cranking and nothing on the other side. Then when I crank the key still nothing on the 2nd side and light goes out on the starter side of the solenoid. What should I check next or does that mean the solenoid is bad? Also checked the 15 fuse and its good. I am small engine dumb and last time I took my push mower into a shop it was over $100 for a tune up and I cant afford anything like that again.

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