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Need Help Identifying Brown Leaf Spots on Young Fruit Trees

8 years ago

My wife and I planted an orchard of 18 bare-root dwarf and semi-dwarf fruit trees in early May. The trees all came out of dormancy quickly and have been doing quite well. Most now sport new shoots 6-8" long along the trunk.

I've made it a habit to stroll through the orchard every day after I get home from work. Just yesterday, I noticed some rather severe brown spotting that was affecting primarily my two Starkspur Golden Delicious apples that are on M9/M26 rootstock (Stark Bros. couldn't confirm which). The Fuji, Gala, and Honeycrisp apples do not display these spots and are interspersed between the two Golden Delicious trees. Photos of the spots are below.

Can anyone help me identify what's plaguing these two trees? They appear otherwise healthy and vivacious. The spotting literally appeared in a span of 1-2 days.

I also noted 1-2 blackened leaves on my Stanley Prune Plum tree. The Fellenberg plum next to it does not display these symptoms. Photo below.

Any and all input as to what may be causing these issues would be appreciated!

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