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X-post from bathrooms- designer layout, talk me down!

7 years ago

Noticed bathrooms doesn't get as much traffic, so cross posted!

We have a design build company working on our bathroom layout. It's so non functional and we want a change. We have had other companies come and they just suggest different fixtures but have no vision to move things around.

When they showed me the layout and pics I panicked and Im like, omg, what are we paying for?? But we have been here 10 years and are used to the same old same old. So, what say GW? Functional? Ok, ideas? Thanks!!

So I will try to post the layout.

# 1 is the current layout.

We will get rid of the tub. We have another shower/tub upstairs and also have a hot tub.

Designer's layout. Ideas? They are essentially having the br on 1 side, closet on the other. Scared it will be like a bowling alley, but I can totally see where they are coming from.

Thank you for any input!

And some pics of their ideas.

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