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A good fan and a good heater for the bathroom?

prairiemoon2 z6b MA
8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

I'm choosing fans and heaters for the bathrooms today. I believe I have decided to go with the Panasonic Whisper Green Select fan with LED light and humidity and motion sensors for both bathrooms. I think I would rather vent the fans out directly through the outside wall and not the attic. So I believe this would be a ceiling fan that could be vented directly outside. Both bathrooms are being gutted and so there will be opportunity to do that. The Panasonic rep told me this needs a 6" vent to the outside.

My questions are….should that be installed in the center of a 10x5 bathroom, or directly overhead in the shower? And does this come with a switch for the wall that has the switch for motion sensor, humidity sensor and timer, or is that a separate purchase? Should we close the window while the fan is on and not use the heater at the same time?

The heater. Panasonic only offers the WhisperWarm fan that maximum CFMs is 110 and I want 150. And I understand it is 1400 watts which is no more powerful than a hair dryer. So I don't want that. One of our bathrooms right now, does not have a radiator in it. We have steam heat by oil and I doubt we will be adding a radiator when we remodel. Not sure what our other options would be. As it is now, the heat from the bedroom is all we've depended on, which is pretty cold in the winter. There will be a small bathroom floor that I could add radiant heat, but how much does that add to the cost and will that be enough for an 8x5 bathroom? I could add heated towel warmers too. Will those two be enough to heat the bathroom? Or does someone have another suggestion?

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