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help me with rug choice for new family room

7 years ago

As I said in my other thread, we are moving soon, and I am wanting to decorate and practicalize my family room. People on the online decorating thread suggested starting with a rug, but I am still feeling lost. I won't buy anything until we actually move in and I can measure, but the Type A in me wants a plan! [plus, this is funner to think about than packing]

Here is the family room, with the seller's furniture. Things I dislike: the paint color, the dark blinds, the dark rough-hewn timbers on the fireplace with lion faces, and the ceiling fan. Things I do like: the windows on 3 sides, the wood floors (a reddish 'exotic' wood), the high tray ceiling, the stone on the fireplace (real stone). According to the listing it's 18x20.

I saw someone's living room on here where they had layered a patterned rug over a sisal/seagrass rug, and then I saw it again on the Cote de Texas blog. I really love that look.

So I can get a seagrass rug easily enough. But what about the top rug? I guess I am looking for something with pretty muted colors, blue/ivory/green/grey. I'd love to have a really high quality wool rug, I'm worried to spend a lot since I have 2 young kids and a dog who barfs every once in a while. And my husband HATES wool rugs that shed a lot, we had a bad experience once with a wool hand tufted one that made him sneeze, so I'm thinking I ought to stay with polyester.

Should I look for something like this? Faux vintage viscose? I'm worried it will look cheesy in person:

But then I see (for more money) I could get something more real like this, which is probably prettier but less practical:

Or this:

Do I get a cheapo poly rug for now, then upgade later? That's going against the wisdom of choosing the rug first. I don't think I love the vintage-y polyester rug. But so worried about dog barf. What should I do?

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