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What Are Dahlia Vendor's Responsibilities after Shipping?

8 years ago

Each year I order from several different vendors and, inevitably, some tubers are rotten upon receipt, and some never do bud up. Amazingly, I will order a tuber from one company that doesn't perform well, yet the next year, when I order the same cultivar from another company, the plant flourishes.

I immediately report any rotten tubers (one wonders how they could have been missed). Then, I give the tubers several weeks to bud up. A small percentage do not. What is the grower's responsibility? When I asked for a refund from one grower, he said that I should have seen that the tuber wouldn't bud up when I received the tuber. Well, in some cases, it appears that there is no bud, but the tuber does later sprout. In other cases, there appears to be a bud, but it never does anything.

We are talking about a small percentage of tubers that don't do anything. Moreover, I take care to start tubers in individual pots before planting them out. But I am confused as to what my "rights" are as a customer. One vendor scolded me for asking for a refund three weeks after I started the tuber in its pot (and never did anything).

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