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Shrubs for privacy along a fence

7 years ago

I'm in Canadian zone 4b (which is the equivalent to USA 5), and I have an 80'+ fence line that I need to fill in with some shrubs to increase my privacy... The spot receives plenty of sun. It's a fairly moist spot (but not wet) and the soils drain fairly well... Currently there are about 6 or 7 Arrowwood viburnum ("Blue Muffins") along this fence that are quite mature (about 7 x 7). There are 8 to 9' gaps b/w each shrub though, and I am considering something like a silver variegated dogwood or perhaps something like Coppertina or Diabolo nine bark... these shrubs seem to reach about 7 to 8' wide and tall so that would fill in the gaps... and are tough..

I was also thinking about some type of evergreen, cedar, or even a spruce or fir (although I don't want something that exceeds 20' along that fence due to the shade it would create)... seems like a simple, low maintenance shrub would work best, even if it only gives me 6 or 7 months of privacy.

Thoughts? Any other recommendations?


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