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Question about aloe vera plant

Hi, I'm wondering about my aloe. I've had it for probably 5 years, and it doesn't look like other aloes that I've seen pictures of. Other aloes look to be growing from a low base with the leaves growing upward. Mine appears to have a trunk that's about 5 or 6 inches tall with leaves growing outward, except for the newer leaves. The older leaves are more than a foot long. It's just now starting to have a "baby" sprouting up in the pot.

Because of its long leaves and "trunk" it's rather top heavy and has started having issues with leaning over to one side and making the pot tip over. Consequently, I put a couple stakes in the pot to keep it upright.

Is there something I'm doing wrong to make my aloe look so different from other aloes I've seen?

Last summer I decided it needed more sun and put it out on my back patio in full sun for 6 hours a day (it had always been a houseplant). Yikes! It only took a week for it to look pretty bad, so I took it back in the house. It lost some leaves, but recovered nicely, thankfully.


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