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Building a Barrier Free Shower on a Yacht: Good Idea or Bad?

By Any Design Ltd.
8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

A couple years back I sold three linear drains to a Yacht Builder here in B.C. for a 65' custom yacht. I was later asked to come up and do the waterproofing of the three showers and help with the shower building process. The trip was epic and the showers turned out very well. The marble shown in these photos is Forza Stone and was installed by a skilled local installer who specializes in stone and Forza installs.

No Curb or No Dam Shower's featuring Barrier Free Bathrooms (No-Hob): The Yacht · More Info

Stone Installer: Stewart Maxwell (1.604.741.5784)

This bathroom looks like an upscale hotel suite bathroom but it is in fact the master Head of the Yacht I helped out with a little while back. Shower Bench. Body Jets. Frames Glass the whole nine yards. The millwork, cabinets, wiring and everything else build by the team at Coastal Craft. The quality of the millwork and cabinets insanely high end. But what would you expect on a multi million dollar yacht! :)

Two days back I got a call from this same Yacht builder and yesterday I returned it. I was pleased to hear that the last boat sold to a family in Seattle and that a new 65' beauty is in the shop and will be ready for me and three new ACO drains by September.

No Curb or No Dam Shower's featuring Barrier Free Bathrooms (No-Hob): The Yacht · More Info

The build of this masterpiece is a local B.C. company called Coastal Craft. Check out their custom boats here.

No Curb or No Dam Shower's featuring Barrier Free Bathrooms (No-Hob): The Yacht · More Info

But there is a curve ball. The owner of this Yacht is wheelchair bound and the yacht will be made accessible via a custom Yacht Elevator! OMG how civilized. lol.

Which leads us to the master Head or Master Shower. How the hell do you build a barrier free shower on a boat? We bounced by a few ideas and and need to brain storm more. I'm waiting on some CAD drawings from the builder and will try and find a way to pull this off. The good thing for me is I know the boat well since the shell is the same as the one I worked on last year.

So what do you think? Good Idea or bad to build this new master shower with no curb at all. I'm going to try and design the shower so there are some safe guards. Thinking through the job there is one hiccup all ready. Outside the shower in front of the vanity is a large 2'x2' trap door to access storage and mechanical items. That will be the first hurdle. The boys at Coastal Craft most likely will not want to hear that I want the removed.... Working on a boat is hard. Tight and every inch of space used. Every thing weight and added to the computer program - right down to the drain and thin-set.....

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