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gas dryer 18" elevation in garage...what about stacking?

9 years ago

Hello. Posted this previously in garage (since the regulation at hand specifically applies to garage, not laundry rooms), but got no responses so I'm trying here.

We are closing on a house in a few weeks and the sellers are taking the washer/gas dryer. We took advantage of the TX sales tax holiday for Energy Star appliances over Memorial Day weekend. We are NOT in the house yet, in case that was unclear from previous sentences.

Unfortunately, we bought a gas dryer from Home Depot, and they adhere to a regulation that all gas appliances in garages be elevated 18 inches above the floor of the garage. (Gotten some mixed info on whether it's an official regulation in TX, but it is definitely Home depot policy to not install on floor of garage, even though I've read reports that other retailers don't care.) I understand the reasons for this regulation and that's not the point of my post.


Would just stacking the dryer on top of the washer suffice? We wanted to anyway, but the sales person said we couldn't because of something about the vent needing to be changed--information that got lost in the subsequent revelation that we couldn't put it on the floor (along with the incessant whining of our 3-year-old who was DONE with appliance shopping). Everything that I can find about venting gas dryers implies that it would be fine to use the current vent (directly behind dryer, about 2.5 feet above floor). Yes, we purchased stackable units. And, yes, we CAN install it ourselves any way we want, but I just assume get it done ASAP and be able to work on other stuff instead (including the 3-year-old).

So, does stacking fulfill the elevation requirement? And is there actually any issue with the vent when stacking? Sorry if this is an obvious question. Thank you very much for any help!

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