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Best Heirloom Tomatoes You've Grown....For Fresh Consumption

Hi all,

This year, I got a late start on every seed. Ironically, the ones I didn't start late, I left behind in the ground at my other house (all peppers). But I only planted two tomato seed varieties and both came up; one is Maskotka, which I know well and enjoy as a spilling plant, but the only tomato seeds I had were something called Zapotec, so I just planted one to see if they were still good.

They were, so then I looked into what these tomatoes were like, only to find that many people don't seem to like them fresh and some recommend them for canning, something I have no interest in doing at this time.

So, while it's quite late to start tomatoes, what is your favorite heirloom tomato for fresh eating? I'd like to purchase some seeds and plant a couple to try -- and save the rest for next year. I've eaten endless heirloom tomatoes while dining out or from Whole Foods, but I wouldn't have a clue what the name of the tomatoes were.

Any input appreciated!

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